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We provide an easy step-by-step process to collaboratively identify the best solution for your needs and budget.

HEAT and EZClone Systems

The process for you is quite simple. We do all of the heavy lifting allowing you to relax and manage your operation. Starting with our cloning system, you press a button on the tablet that we provide and we tell you which clones are worthy of moving to to the next stage increasing yield and improving final quality. It happens on the spot. We see issues in clones that are not visible to the naked eye whether the plant is showing us stress from root rot or from the effects of mold. We provide you with a mat and a mounting arm to fix to your table of choice. The camera and tablet ship paired to each other so you can start analyzing your clones as soon as you plug in the image sensor. Or, for EZClone customers, we provide a custom arm specifically designed for EZClone systems to make clone analysis as easy as pulling out the tray and pushing a button.

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Plant Monitoring

Beyond clones, we monitor your mothers, vegetative plants, flowering plants, and any other stages that you support. We do this to ensure that if there is a problem we provide the early warning system that notifies you. If we see a large number of plants starting to suffer on a rack, we text you, email you, we can even Robo call you to make sure you know there is a problem. You don’t need to learn the system for us to be effective. You provide the internet connection. We provide the expertise to analyze your data and find problems. Image sensors may be mounted to walls, ceilings, and even motorized tracks to reduce cost and achieve full coverage of your indoor or greenhouse operation. The system requires very little power and can be run on standard 120V outlets or 12V as an option. We come in, do a site assessment, work out the best mounting options, and set everything up. Once it is up and running, we provide you with a secure web dashboard where we share results of any issues that we discover. The sensors are triggered every 6 hours or more or less frequently depending on your needs. They can also be triggered manually. The system updates automatically so as we make improvements you get them over the course of your annual subscription.

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Facility Analysis

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We help with facilities. You may want us to analyze your floors, walls, ceilings, and HVAC equipment to locate contamination. We can even monitor employees and show you if they are entering your facility with contaminated clothing, tools, or even beards.

To get started, we just need some basic information about your operation. Site surveys or architectural documents are great if you can share them with us. We look for the best ways to maximize coverage of your plants and minimize cost. Our service includes hardware, installation, support, and annual software subscription fees. The cloning system could provide enough increase in yield and product quality to cover the cost of the entire system in a small number of grow cycles.

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