what you don't see is hurting you


Building and maintaining a successful brand, business, and operation is difficult. Maintaining consistent high quality and product predictability is even harder.  Disease, poor health, pests, and a multitude of costly issues increase your labor, increase material cost, and decrease your yield/profit.

The risk of a tainted product impacting  a customer is too high to ignore and can close a business almost overnight.

The Problem

Plant Health and Disease is a major contributor to .crop failure.  Even the cleanest and best run operations develop problems whether endemic to a facility or brought in through clones, plants, workers, or visitors. When not identified early, remediation is costly, time consuming, and not always effective.  The risk of loss to an investment is simply too great. 

Quality: In the rapidly evolving and challenging market, the ability to separate yourself based on brand and quality is a must.  A tainted product leaving your operation can put you out of business and worse, potentially harm a customer.

Predictability:  The inability to provide predictable product, yield, and return damages your reputation and makes it difficult to do business.  There are no second chances.


Other Costly Issues

Clones:  Damaged and diseased clones can both reduce your end yield/profit, and cost you additional time and money to .repair if they are not a total loss.  We image beyond what the eye sees to tell you up front what is and is not healthy.

Mother Plants: Are your mother plants healthy, are you taking clones from damaged, diseased or weak mothers.  Do you know when to cultivate new replacements.

Lights:  Are your lights actually producing the spectrum you think they are.  Are they failing to meet the lifespan or are they exceeding the lifespan saving you money.

Pests:  Pests damage  and destroy plants.  They further weaken them inviting disease to finish them off.

Contamination:  Facility and employee contamination are significant entry points for disease and vectors.  Most facilities simply don't know where and what contamination is entering.... 

We See things before you do, allowing you to mitigate the issues and save your crops, Improve Yield, and achieve Better Quality.



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