How we got here

After spending years working with hyper spectral and multi spectral imagery for the US Government, Chris Rushing embarked on a career path that took him from running a UAV company, which he sold, and then building a Precision Ag Intelligence Center for commercial agriculture that included extensive use of imagery to show issues with plant health. He partnered with Brendan Joyce and Tryon Creek Software to develop the enterprise software system that delivered imagery and actionable intelligence to the agronomists in the field. Upon completing that project, Brendan and Chris discovered after meeting with Rob McCorkle that the cannabis industry is an ideal market for a plant monitoring system. Taking what they know from past endeavors, and combining that knowledge with the exceptional Precision Ag-experienced engineering talent at Tryon, they created an entirely new system purpose built for issues confronting cannabis growers. Two plus years later and that system is commercially available and benefiting numerous growers across the United States and Canada.


The Founders

Chris Rushing


Chris spent a career with the U.S. Air Force with experience in unmanned systems technology, intelligence, and presidential service. Upon exiting, he created and sold the first and highly profitable unmanned systems services company, and as President managed over 200 deployed personnel and multiple multi-million dollar government and commercial contracts. Most recently Chris managed a commercial agriculture intelligence operation for CHS Inc., including air, ground, design, and software functions. This contract required management of thirty direct staff culminating in 88% staff growth and 400% revenue growth. Chris has held a Top Secret, NATO Secret, and Yankee White Clearances and has over twenty years of experience in technology, unmanned systems and intelligence systems


Brendan Joyce


Brendan Joyce brings over 25 years of software development, integration and data analytics experience.. Prior to founding Tryon Creek Software in 2010, Brendan served as VP of Operations and second in command of Critical Path Software which was purchased by eBay in 2010.  Brendan has led numerous enterprise and end user projects for companies such as Apple, HP, Intel, Nike, CHS, GE, and Lexmark .

Brendan is an experienced executive both as the head of business enterprises and working on executive teams touching nearly all areas of management including business development, marketing, technical leadership, and personnel.  That is, when he isn't trekking with mountain gorillas.


Rob McCorkle

Rob is a Managing Member of a Tier 2, 10,000 sq. ft. indoor hydroponic cannabis producer in Oregon.  Rob’s experience on the legislative and law enforcement side as well as his  extensive experience in the growing and distribution of cannabis makes him uniquely qualified to understand and address the concerns that are unique to this burgeoning new industry. He discovered some of the many health benefits of cannabis when his mother was diagnosed with cancer and he investigated alternatives to the mainstream medicines and their many side effects.

Rob is a retired lieutenant/commander from a west coast law enforcement entity. Rob holds a BS in Criminology and a MS in Criminal Justice Administration and currently provides consultative services to various private entities and municipalities who are navigating the myriad of issues surrounding the growing opportunities in the cannabis industry.