Emerald Metrics Launches Decision support software for the Cannabis Industry

Las Vegas NV, November 15, 2017–  Emerald Metrics announced today the launch of the company’s flagship software platform to support growers, investors and regulators that protects the cannabis supply chain with unparalleled technology to detect pests, molds, and pesticides. The SaaS platform enables growers to detect infestations affecting plant growth and health by using advanced imagery and analytics never before seen or used in the Cannabis industry. 

Rob McCorkle, Founder and President of KGB Farms in Portland, OR, says “We saw an immediate impact on plant health and crop yield in our first harvest once we fully deployed the Emerald system.  We now grow cannabis smarter using fewer inputs to achieve greater yields”

The Emerald system is patterned off a similar system the Emerald team launched in 2016 for the largest corn, wheat and soybean growers in the US that helped growers manage their fields as it has never been done.   This ability has been adapted to Cannabis with startling results for growers and investors since problems are detected before the human eye can see them, and long before the plant is tested.

About Emerald Metrics

The Emerald system is built to provide growers continuous feedback on plant health, effectiveness of lighting and response to fertilizers and other inputs that in the past took days and weeks before they were detected by the grower.  The System is scalable to virtually any size of operation.

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If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Mark Garrison (mark@emeraldmetrics.com) at 503-887-5618 (m) Chris Rushing (chris@emeraldmetrics.com) at 503-858-5768 (m) or Rob McCorkle (rob@emeraldmetrics.com) at 503-689-6033 to arrange a demonstration of the Emerald System at the MJBusCon show the week of November 15 -16, 2017, in Las Vegas.