Emerald Metrics Partners With Shango, Expands To Nevada


Emerald Metrics is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Shango Nevada. Shango is a vertically integrated, 70K square foot cannabis growing, processing, and retail facility located in the heart of Las Vegas. The company also has growing and retail locations throughout Oregon. This partnership will allow Emerald Metrics to place its spectral imaging cameras in the Shango facility to ensure that only the healthiest of clones continue through a full growth cycle, thus increasing yield and consistency of the cannabis product. Shango will also use these cameras and proprietary algorithms to prevent foreign substances on employees from contaminating the facility.

"We are in the process of developing algorithms and protocols related to the control of pathogens, pests, and other biologics that potentially enter the facility on the clothing of employees," says Rob McCorkle, Co-Founder. "We see the addition of employee monitoring as a much needed option within the industry and are proud to be partnering with a highly respected entity like Shango to roll out this new technology."

Emerald Metrics' agreement with Shango represents a step forward in developing new cannabis technology as well as penetrating the Nevada cannabis market.

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