Letter from one of the Emerald Metrics Founders

This is Mark Garrison, Founder of Emerald Metrics. Did you know the North America legal cannabis market is estimated to be over $20b by 2021? In case you weren't aware, our campaign ends soon and I am so thankful you've chosen to join our growing cannabis technology company. 

We have a strong team with years of experience in agriculture technology. We previously developed and launched a precision platform for a large US Fortune 100 agriculture company. With this success in mainstream agriculture developing, we are ready to show the effectiveness of the Emerald technology in the cannabis industry.

Potted Red Healthy.jpg

Emerald has made some significant advances in our business plan since we launched the campaign. We've signed contracts with growers in Oregon and Nevada. We have signed a MOU with CannaBizFunds to finance the cost of the Emerald system for growers and investors. Our flagship SaaS platform CannaIntelligenceTM is now patent pending with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. And there's so much more to come! With the funds raised, we hope to extend our SaaS platform to automate the imagery processing and detection of pestilence. This will allow us to scale faster while significantly lowering our costs. 

We are already successfully funded- in fact our campaign is over 180% funded. There's still room to invest- we'd appreciate it if you spread the word about the campaign via this link: https://www.seedinvest.com/emerald.metrics/seed. Thank you again for investing in us as we work towards our mission of growing faster, smarter, better cannabis.


Mark Garrison

Founder of Emerald Metrics