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Protect your yield, protect your investment

Building and maintaining a successful grow operation is difficult enough. From regulation compliance to establishing a proper distribution channel to making sure you keep up with demand, the margin for error is slim.

For years, precision agriculture has helped "traditional" growers in corn, soy, wheat, and other crops safeguard against pests, mold, and other crop-destroying agents.

We designed Precision Agriculture Systems for Fortune 100 companies to eliminate these problems

The Solution

We show you your crop health beyond what the eye can see.

Using a combination of sensor data, unique spectral imaging, and a proprietary method for detecting anomalies in plant growth, Emerald Metrics provides data and insight on a level never seen before in cannabis operations. 

Cannainteligence  leverages specialized imagery, software and data to provide actionable intelligence to the operation.  We identify anomalies before the eye can see it so you can address it before it costs you time and money.


The Value

The ability to tell if your plants are healthy through all phases of growth is key.  From clone to flowering plant, having the ability to monitor at your fingertips provides peace of mind and allows your expert staff to focus on other critical tasks.

Early detection of disease, pest, or anomalies gives growers and investors the insight they need to make course corrections that will save harvests, money, and maximize yields.

The Emerald Metrics system increases yield, decreases risk, and improves quality, We provide proof for your business  through the course of the product life-cycle.  You have a digital book to show the health, origin, and quality of the product at the click of a button.  



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