Precision agriculture for the cannabis industry

Grow Faster - Better - Smarter

The Problem

Building and maintaining a successful grow operation is difficult enough. From regulation compliance to establishing a proper distribution channel to making sure you keep up with demand, the margin for error is slim.

For years, precision agriculture has helped "traditional" growers in corn, soy, wheat, and other crops safeguard against pests, mold, and other crop-destroying agents.

It's time to bring this disruptive technology to the cannabis industry to ensure consistency and product consistency and protect the cannabis supply chain, plus the consumers that rely on it.

The Solution

With a combination of sensors, cameras, raw data, agricultural know-how, and professional planning tools, Emerald Metrics can help you grow better-quality crops, virtually eliminate waste, and help you plan for a better growing season.

Using a combination of sensor data, spectral imaging, and a proprietary method for detecting anomalies in plant growth, Emerald Metrics provides data and insight on a level never seen before in cannabis grow operations.



The Value

Cannabis grows can be extremely profitable, but anomalies such as pests, mold, and illegal pesticides can take down an entire crop, costing the grower time, money, and eventually credibility.

Early detection can solve this. Emerald Metrics gives growers and investors the insight they need to make course corrections that will save money and produce higher yields.

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