Spotting trends in worsening or improving plant health, showing different recipes side by side to see which have the greatest benefits for a particular strain, discovering which mothers are the healthiest for cuttings or which clones should move to Veg. The CannaIntelligenceTM System does all of this and more. Do you ever wonder if the remediation program that you put into place is working? Are you tired of waiting days to find out? Our plant monitors can show improvement in as little as an hour. See for yourself if your plants are getting better, treading water, or <gasp> getting worse. Each of these outcomes is possible if the wrong remediation is selected or if it is applied in the wrong amounts or at the wrong times. Let us help protect you and your plants. We “see” before the naked eye can. pH issues, plugged fertigation lines, ineffective nutrient mixes, faulty light timers, and area hotspots are just a few of the problems that we detect.

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Don’t let your plants get this bad before you see the problem. Contact us today to get peace of mind installed in your grow.