The Emerald Metrics CannaIntelligenceTM system provides an automatic service to monitor grow operations on a daily basis. We serve as an extra set of eyes, and our “eyes” see issues before the naked eye is able to see them. This provides invaluable actionable intelligence to our customers including what we are “seeing” and specifically where in the grow the issue exists. Quick and easy. We email, text, or robocall you with the info. You take it from there. We also provide a dashboard with a collection of imagery, reports, and other data related to the grow. Increase yield up to 40% and produce better, more consistent cannabis

Clonalyzer ™ - up to 15% increase in yield
Calculated Gross TBD
Potential Gross with Clonalyzer TBD
Potential Increased Gross TBD
Room Monitor
Calculated Net TBD
Potential Net with Room Monitor TBD
Potential Increased Net TBD

We cover the entire facility and plant life cycle. From analyzing facilities to determine if there is contamination to monitoring plants from seed or clone through to flower, we have you covered.


Before or after you have planted, have us come in and analyze your facility to find contamination right under your nose, or maybe on your HVAC or outdoor fans. We can provide this service when we install our imagers at your location.


Our Clonalyzer saves you up to 15% in yield. Simply place your clone tray on the table, press a button on the provided tablet, and voila! We show you a graphic indicating which clones are healthy. This is all done fast and local so you can work through as many clone trays as you want. Healthier clones mean healthier plants leading to higher quality and higher yields.

Plant Monitoring

Our system automatically monitors your Mothers, Veg, and Flowering plants. With integrated AI and processing heuristics, we “see” plant health degrade due to issues and then show you when your remediation efforts work and the plants recover. We are constantly on the lookout for issues that may affect your plants. Here are just some of the issues that we detect:

  • Plugged Fertigation Lines

  • HVAC Equipment Failure

  • Loss of Power

  • Loss of Internet

  • Pests and Diseases

  • Contaminated Equipment

  • Contaminated Clothing

  • Plant Degradation due to pH imbalance

  • Poor Nutrition

Strain Analytics

Some of the most important events over the course of a grow is figuring out the best recipes for the various strains being used. We provide precision tools for analyzing your strains thereby helping you determine the best techniques for bringing out the best in your clones. See in near real time the effect of changing nutrition or comparing plants side by side. We see both positive and negative changes before the eye can see so you can quickly determine what is most effective for your strain. Even better, everything you do in our system is owned by the grower. Emerald captures trends and refines detection methods based on the grows we monitor but nobody gets to see your imagery or your strain recipes but you, the grower.

How It Works for You

The process is quite simple. We do all of the heavy lifting for you. You don’t need to learn the system unless you want to. We provide full service monitoring. You can sit back and wait for us to send you actionable intelligence about your grow. Or you can get more involved. Your choice. We email, text, even robocall if the problem is urgent.

Getting it into your Grow

We start with a site plan or other document that shows us the dimensions of your grow. We get an estimate from your for the canopy to be covered. From this, we can generate a quote. This quote will include:

  1. On site survey including imagery of the facility to discover areas of contamination

  2. On site installation including all hardware, mounting, etc.

  3. Clonalyzers and room monitors

  4. Software subscription to access the benefits of our service

Once we work out costs that work within your budget we will schedule the install. You will start benefiting from the system as soon as we have it up and running.